Here recording at the MCLA tournament in Salt Lake City. Big upsets in the first round. East coast taking care of the west coast teams. It will be exciting to see who is left after Thursday's games.

Latest MCLA National Tournament Bracket breakdown from your host Jack McKeon. Did Utah Valley get robbed? How did Santa Clara make the tourney with one ranked win all year? Find out about Arizona's collapse and more on this weeks episode. 

This episode will cover the MCLA National Tournament in Salt Lake City. The host, Jack McKeon, will also discuss where he was right or wrong in his predictions for conference playoffs. Breaking news from 4/22/19 will also be discussed regarding the PNCLL losing their automatic qualifying bid to the national tournament. What a let down for senior student-athletes who worked so hard to make the tournament. Find out more by listening in!.

This weeks episode covers the MCLA playoffs. Your host, Jack McKeon, will cover each conference one at a time and explain which teams will advance to the National Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah. Will the SLC have four teams who get the nod to Nationals? Who has the softer schedule, Liberty or Georgia Tech?

This episode covers the release of the MLL's season schedule following the announcement of cutting three teams from the league. The PLL dropped their draft order this week. Big for lacrosse, the draft is airing on NBC. Finally, this episode discusses this year's rule changes i.e. the dive and shot clock. 

This week's episode will breakdown the PLL's tactics to reveal their new teams and players. Talk about whether the helmet designs were fresh or foul and the way they revealed their players. Big drama you do not want to miss in the MLL and the episode finishes up with NCAA top 5 rankings.